Jim Gerretson, CEO

Jim leads a growing team of Information Assurance professionals with the skill, dedication and common sense that come from more than three decades of successfully delivering effective and comprehensive Information Assurance (IA) solutions built on sound principles with the unique needs of each client always at the forefront.

Jim is a skilled project manager, successful at business development, and has a knack for rescuing foundering programs, refocusing strategy and effort to produce successful outcomes.

He has built successful IA practices from the ground up -- with revenues in excess of $30M and staff exceeding 100 -- for several well-known management and defense consulting organizations.

Jim has testified before Congressional committees twice, and has been a featured speaker for numerous conferences throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Jim and the management team of Gerretson LLC seek IA professionals who share their enthusiasm for new challenges, their commitment to professionalism, and their focus on delivering effective, efficient and secure solutions.

Jim Gerretson, CEO

Tom Loveland, President

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